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Water Damage Testimonials

Desjuan was super helpful, and so quick to respond. A brand new washer I had just purchased was a lemon and flooded my downstairs. He was friendly and empathetic, his team got to work to remove all damaged flooring and baseboards. Excellent communication made it super convenient to come back and check on equipment around my working hours. Almost completely dried out now thanks to your guys, thought your company should know what an asset he is!

Oh my goodness! I cannot say enough to express how thankful I am for the service and kindness shown by the SERVPRO of Southeast Nashville team. We called on a Sunday afternoon when our washer overflowed and soaked our carpeting. They came out quickly and extracted water, set up fans and patiently waited for us to wrap our heads around the process. The next day, they guided us through what we thought would be a complicated mess with insurance and restoration but her reassurance and knowledge made it almost effortless. No one wants a disaster at home but having SERVPRO alongside changed everything.

I am new to Tennessee. I bought an older home that was listed everything is new. Well it was not as it was advertised by far. The 2nd day the bathroom flooded to bedrooms closets. Water was coming out from wall baseboards and under the tub shower. You can imagine the stress that that put me under just buying a new home and having a flood the second day and it’s been downhill ever since. SERVPRO has been very professional and kind they came out and took care of my problems the next day and set up other machines and came and checked on their machines every other day they even allowed me to pay the bill in 30 days which was a great benefit to me being that I was almost out of money coming from California to here to buy this home that’s been nickel and diamond me thank you SERVPRO for the great work and then professionalism that you guys have I recommend you guys to anybody five stars!

I highly recommend SERVPRO of Southeast Nashville! Having 3 water pipes break all at the same time in the middle of the night was quite a stressful experience for me but SERVPRO was a lifesaver. The representatives arrived in a timely manner and were great at explaining what needed to be done in terms I understood. They worked late to get the wet materials under the carpet pulled out and then set up machines to dry out the carpet. Since it can take several days for the carpet to dry out and they need to check the machines and drying process daily, they set up a lock on my door that meant I didn’t have to stay at home waiting for their daily check-up visits. That was a great help as it didn’t mess up my schedule. I’m very impressed with their professionalism and the thoroughness of their work.

As the owner of an HVAC business, some customers will call after they've had an unfortunate incident such as plumbing leaks that flood the house, and then the duct. I've worked with SERVPRO of Southeast Nashville on a few projects, and they always provide a rapid response time with a professional outcome. I've always received positive feedback from my customers who have used them and I would recommend them with confidence to anyone.

SERVPRO has performed in a highly professional manner. The team was courteous, worked expeditiously to eradicate the water problem , extremely patient with me as I had recently been discharged from hospital. I would highly recommend SERVPRO to anyone, especially Mr. Jason Trotter.

We were devastated to come home after two weeks away and find that a water pipe upstairs had burst and flooded the main floor of our house. I called SERVPRO and they arrived within 45 minutes with equipment and staff to handle the situation. Ryan and his crew stood by us, delivering service beyond our expectations, packing all salvageable contents of the house, including Christmas decorations, and worked continuously to prepare the site for the 8 month reconstruction to follow. During that time I received follow up calls and was able to contact Ryan whenever I needed reassurance or assistance. I don't believe we could have survived this trauma without Ryan's help. I heartily recommend him and SERVPRO for whatever home crisis you may find yourself in.